Corporate & Business Transactions

The lawyers in the Corporate and Business Transactions Group at the Firm represent the business owner from implementation of the proper entity for the creation of the business (whether through purchase or start-up) through its growth and ultimate disposition. The expertise of this Group includes providing counseling in the fields of corporate and tax planning, structuring shareholder and partnership arrangements, preparing employment agreements, succession planning, the purchase and sale of businesses, as well as many other such areas that may affect the business and its ownership. A significant and overlapping portion of our practice relates to the connection of the business and estate planning for the business owner and his or her family.

The Firm represents businesses, both large and small, in the many areas that affect the businesses and their owners on a daily basis. In fact, with certain of the Firm’s business clients, daily consultation is a regular practice. The goal of the Corporate and Business Transactions Group is to have meaningful, regular contact with the business owner in order that the attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the business and can provide the owner and operator with complete analysis and advice on the varied legal issues affecting the business. These areas broadly include employment matters, contracts and agreements of a wide variety, partner and shareholder matters, distributorship issues, insurance disputes and many other situations where the law touches the business and its day-to-day operation.

We take pride in the fact that there are many clients with mature businesses with whom the attorneys in the Corporate and Business Transactions Group have worked for decades as well as a constant stream of new clients for whom business representation is provided as they grow.

The businesses of our clients cover a broad spectrum of industries and sectors of the economy, from real estate to retail, manufacturing to high tech, and professional firms to service providers. While the businesses vary greatly, the consistent factor throughout the spectrum of clients is that the Firm provides high quality, creative legal services in a timely and economical fashion, recognizing the issues that are most important to the business owner.